Outsourcing your activities in France

Do you want to expand your business in France? Use Payroll to ship, manage and pay your providers in France!

Whatever the status of the provider, we are here to help you at every stage!

1 Drawing up a framework contract

Would you like to delegate the management of your providers? It could not be simpler. Together, we will define a framework contract to cover all your external provider management needs and identify the relevant providers.

2 Benchmarching and compliance

We draw up subcontracts in compliance with all your providers. We ensure that they comply with French legislation by systematically collecting and checking all shared documents.

3 Managing tasks

Every month, we send you an Activity Report completed by the provider. All you have to do is approve it and we will draw up your invoice and proceed with the payment of your provider.

4 Monitoring providers

Monitor their different tasks and keep track of all the documents shared by your service providers (quotes, supplier purchase orders, invoices and supplier contracts).