Managing your talents has never been easier

Are you looking for the best solution to quickly hire employees or manage subcontractors in France? With Payroll, it’s easy to recruit the people you need!


A quick and efficient solution

Depending on the nationality of your future employees, whether they are French or foreign, few or many, we are able to hire your employees or manage your subcontractors in less than 24 hours! Furthermore, as anEOR (Employer Of Record) or official employer, we guarantee their salaries, integration, training and employee status! 

Payroll by is the solution for your daily management of international mobility in France.


An economical solution

If you want to expand your company’s business in France call on Payroll! With Payroll, you outsource all the administrative and legal complexities: 

  • no legal entity to be created
  • no payroll to be managed
  • no social security charges to be paid
  • no costs related to hiring

A flexible and secure solution

Whether you need one employee or a whole team of subcontractors, allocate the exact number of employees according to your needs without impacting your payroll or creating a structure in France! Actively deal with peaks in activity while complying with French legislation (hiring, contract terminations, etc.). In addition, we collect and store all documents related to your business and ensure the protection of your intellectual property.

Some of our clients

We work with over 1,000 companies daily