Expand your business in France with Payroll

Not yet present in France? Entrust us with your projects and your teams to expand into French territory.


Why expand into France?

France has many advantages to help you grow your business. However, the very complex labour law can be a major obstacle for your company to get along in this new market.

Due to its geographical position, its history and its economic growth, France is an opportunity for any company.


Close support for your teams

Our organisation also has 16 agencies located in the largest cities in France. Our experts are therefore at the heart of your teams’ regional problems and can support them on a daily basis in many areas: 

  • Companies in the region,
  • Training or professional events,
  • Coworking spaces,
  • Advice on everyday life.

A qualified talent pool

Payroll by freelance.com has been working for over 30 years with over 370,000 talents worldwide and specifically in France. We are familiar with all sectors of activity and all essential trades for a digital transition project, for example, or the creation or development of an activity, etc. Whatever your needs, we know how to meet them.