Why and how to expand into France?

France is an essential step in conquering the world market. It is one of the ideal countries to open up to a new market and expand your business. Find out why, when and how to expand your business into the most attractive country in Europe!


How to hire employees in France ?

Expanding into France is important, but there are a few key elements to be aware of. First of all, there are strict rules to follow. Labour law in France is highly regulated and failure to comply with it can result in significant costs for your company. It is therefore important to ensure that you are compliant with the legislation.

France is also an expert in employee social protection, with many obligations incumbent on the worker, notably with the mutual insurance company, employer’s charges, employee charges, etc. In addition, it should be noted that the working week cannot exceed 48 hours and a day cannot exceed 10 hours. This is all the more reason to plan before hiring employees.

This is why a solution such as Payroll by Freelance.com is optimal for managing your teams in France. You can manage all your employees in one place while being free of risk.

  • Key figures for France

    • GDP is 2,780 billion € in 2022 (7th richest country in the world)
    • In 2021, France experienced a record growth rate of 7%
    • The population is 67.8 million
    • The language is french
    • The currency is the euro (€)
    • The capital is Paris
  • The labor law in France

    • Professional charges: ≃ 50% of gross salary
    • Paternity leave: 28 days paid by social security
    • Maternity leave: 112 days for the 1st, 182 from the 3rd
    • Hours worked in the week: 35h
    • Tax in France: between 0% and 13.6
    • Paid vacations: 2.5 days per week
    • Public holidays: 11 days per year
  • Quality of life in France

    France is ranked 8th in the quality of life ranking thanks to:

    • Access to healthcare
    • Cost of living
    • Economic stability
    • Safety and security
    • Cultural influence
    • Wage equality
    • Labor market or
    • Educational system

Why expand your business into France?

France has a central position at the European level, but also at the global level, due to its opening out onto the Atlantic Ocean, its proximity to the African continent, but also its territories throughout the world, such as French Guiana, the French Antilles, Polynesia, etc. France is therefore a major choice for development, competitiveness and internationalisation.

However, to hire employees in France, your company must have a local office, with a SIRET and a bank account in France. Similarly, managing subcontractors can complicate remote management.

Payroll by Freelance.com makes it easy for you to hire and manage your teams in France in complete security.

Do you need to hire employees or manage subcontractors in France?