Employing people in France

Are you looking for a quick solution to set up a team based in France? Payroll by Freelance.com fits your needs. 
Hire French employees quickly and easily or expatriate your own employees to France.

1 Employee onboarding

You want to recruit or employ people in France? Nothing could be easier. Invite your new hire to join Payroll! As soon as we receive their details, we will contact them to present our solution.

2 Signing contracts

Detail their tasks and give us all the information. As an EOR or official employer, we draw up contracts in France to ensure your french legal compliance.

3 Employee management

Stay informed on your employee tasks through their timesheets. Payroll takes care of their salaries and pay them directly.

4 Support for employees

Thanks to Payroll, your employees benefit from advisors to optimise your business, from a network of experts and can take advantage of face-to-face events in France, webinars (Freelance Café, etc.) or develop their skills thanks to their right to training.