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Choosing Payroll means choosing the Freelance.com group, the French and European leader in supporting the creation and relationship of the business expertise ecosystem.

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Freelance.com: the extended enterprise player

Payroll is a brand of the Freelance.com group. The group, which was founded in 1991, quickly realised that the best experts were no longer working for major corporations or large service or consultancy accounts. Like the talent in IT, they have become freelancers or share their talents in hyper-specialised agencies. Thus, Freelance.com structures and secures the meeting between these freelancers and the companies that need their expertise and agility.

The intermediation specialist

Whether to outsource certain activities or to support projects, freelancers are the relays of the extended enterprise. They represent a broader spectrum of skills than any structured service company. These self-employed people with various statuses can quickly make the management of a supplier panel more complex. To manage this ecosystem of external skills, companies need specialists. The concept of the extended enterprise is now a tangent that should not be overlooked in the world of work. Freelance.com has created this notion and is constantly evolving with the times to offer the best in self-employment.


Freelance.com in a few figures:

  • €800,2 million in revenues in 2022
  • + 59% growth in 2022
  • 4th fastest growing company in France in the Décideurs Magazine 2020 ranking
  • 19th in the French Web 2021 ranking
  • 150+ major private sector clients
  • 400+ clients in the public sector
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