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Employing talent

For your employees in France, Payroll manages all the administrative procedures related to their compliance: contractualisation, payroll management, insurance, tax declaration and work permits.



We take responsibility for your employee by ensuring that they are compliant in every respect.

We take care of the payroll. Each month you will receive a report from your employee and we will take care of the rest.

We ensure that each of your employees receives the best possible salary (salary, tax and social optimisation).

We have a team of French experts to support you anywhere in France.

Managing contractors

Your management of payments and invoices from your French contractors is made easier.


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Discover the advantages of Payroll!

  • A cost-effective and advantageous solution: all you have to do is choose your employees! Payroll provides them with the status and ability to work in France so that you do not have to set up a subsidiary and incur the many costs associated with it.
  • Fast and responsive management: we adapt contracts to the situation of each employee and for the simplest cases, we are able to draft a contract in less than 48 hours!
  • An agile and flexible response: whether you need one employee or a department of a hundred people in France, you can hire the desired number of people on an ad hoc basis without impacting your payroll.
  • A safe and reassuring way: regardless of the function of your employees, our compliance ensures and guarantees the protection of your intellectual property.
  • An effective and efficient method: Whether they are internal or external, of French or foreign nationality, Payroll provides them with the status and, if necessary, the work permit best suited to their next assignment.

Ported by the Freelance.com group, Payroll is defined as the most appropriate solution for any company wishing to expand its business in France.

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